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Business Accounts

Imperial Auto Wash is dedicated to providing our fellow business owners with convenient solutions to help enhance their image and brand while offering a quality solution to maintaining a consistently clean fleet of vehicles. 


The Imperial Auto Wash Business/Fleet Account Program offers a monthly plan that delivers convenient service for your company vehicles. With gentle equipment and top-of-the-line washes, we’ll help you keep your rolling fleet in order! Let us create a Fleet Vehicle Car washing program for you while maintaining one simple account and a 1-time monthly payment.


Control Costs

You will have the ability to establish your budget and determine the wash type suitable for your vehicles.


Quick Access

Drivers simply pull up, the fleet account will be verified and recorded by an attendant, then drive off with a spotless vehicle. Your employees won’t need to worry about requesting a cash reimbursement or having to submit tedious expense reports.  


Monthly Billing

Your account will be billed once a month with a statement indicating each time and day one of your vehicles came through and received service.


Put us to work on your fleet and see the difference immediately. It’s that simple, submit your request to open an account today!

Thanks for your inquiry! Someone from our team will reach out to you within 48 hours!

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